Prof E. Edlyne Anugwom
University of Nigeria, Nigeria

Team Leader

Edlyne Anugwome (PhD) is a Professor of Industrial Sociology and African Development. He is currently with the Department of Sociology/Anthropology at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka where he teaches and researches on the political sociology of African development; labour and industrial sociology; natural resources conflict and social transformation. Prof Anugwom is also the current Secretary-General of the Pan African Anthropologists Association (PAAA) and the Nigeria co-ordinator of the PAAA/UNESCO-MOST Ethno-Net Programme. Apart from being a reviewer for a number of reputable journals, he is also the current Editor of the journal African Anthropologist published by CODESRIA. He has held fellowship/teaching positions in Leiden, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Wassenaar, Mainz, and Bridgewater U.S.A among others. He has also delivered seminars on the phenomenon of religious conflict especially the Boko Haram in the recent past. His attended seminars include “From the Jihad to Boko Haram: Reflections on Islamic Fundamentalism and Secularity in Nigeria” held at the Rethinking Islam in West Africa Series Lecture, Boston University African Studies Centre and West Africa Research Association, Boston University USA, May 2, 2013; “Reflections on the AQIM in West Africa”, at the Department of Anthropology Seminar Series, Bridgewater State University, April 2013 and “A Cocktail of Civilizational Motives: Reflections on History, Politics and Social Marginalization in the Boko Haram Insurgence in Nigeria”, presented at the CREDOC at the University College of London, November 26, 2015. In addition to the above Prof. Anugwom has experience in the successful consummation of research projects funded by such agencies as the Partnership for Transforming Health Systems in Nigeria (PATHS); Ford Foundation; World Health Organization (WHO); UNICEF; and Management Systems for Africa (MSA).  


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