Prof. Tapiwa Praise Mapuranga
University of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe

Team Leader

Tapiwa Praise Mapuranga is an Associate Professor in Phenomenology of Religion and Gender studies in the Department of Religious Studies, Classics and Philosophy at the University of Zimbabwe. She holds a Dphil of Arts in Phenomenology of Religion from the University of Zimbabwe where she has been serving as a lecturer from 2004. Her broad research interests include: women in religion; religion, gender and sexualities; and religion and society. She has an extensive list of relevant publications that include articles in refereed journals and book chapters. Some of her latest book chapter publications include a chapter written with Ezra Chitando entitled “Unlikely allies? Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) Activists and Church Leaders in Africa” in Ezra Chitando and Adriaan Van Klinken, (eds.) Christianity and Controversies over Contemporary Africa (2016), Routledge: London, New York, 171-183; a chapter titled “Gospel Music in Zimbabwe: Selected Women’s Voices”, in Fainos Mangena, Ezra Chitando, and Itai Muwati. (eds.), Sounds of Life: Music, Identity and Politics in Zimbabwe (2016), Cambridge Scholars Publishing: UK, 34-49; and a chapter called “Churches and the Sexuality of Older Women”, in Ezra Chitando, Nyambura Njoroge, (eds.) Abundant Life: The Churches and Sexuality (2016),WCC: EHAIA, 59-74.


Dr Fortune Sibanda
Great Zimbabwe University, Zimbabwe

Team Member

Dr Fortune Sibanda is a Lecturer in Religious Studies in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies, Great Zimbabwe University, Masvingo. He holds a PhD in Religious Studies from the University of Zimbabwe. He teaches African Indigenous Religion, Theories and Methods in the Study of Religion, Religion and Heritage Studies and Studies in Religions of the World. Dr. Sibanda has published widely with articles in refereed journals and book chapters on various themes from a religious perspective. His current research interests include Indigenous Ways of Knowing, New Religious Movements, the Environment, Law and religion, Inter-religious Dialogue and Human rights issues. One of his latest publications is entitled: “Avenging Spirits and the Vitality of African Traditional Law, Customs and Religion in Contemporary Zimbabwe”in- P. Coertzen, M.C. Green and L. Hansen (eds.) (2016) Religious Freedom and Religious Pluralism in Africa: Prospects and Limitations (Stellenbosch: AFRICA SUN MEDIA).

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27 July, 2017

Call for Papers - Currents, Perspectives, And Methodologies In World Christianity

Princeton Theological Seminary, New Jersey, USA

January 18 – January 20, 2018

The last few decades mark a significant watershed in the study of World Christianity as an emerging field, its development into an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary endeavor in particular. Most scholarship now characterizes World Christianity as a ‘polycentric’ faith

"The Healing City: Faith of Unity Prayer Camp in Kapyemi, Uganda" - Nsibidi Institute, 12 June 2017 (online)
28 June, 2017

By: Asonzeh Ukah

Religion, health and healing are intricately interwoven and inseparable in traditional African