Religious Innovation and Competition

Religious Innovation and Competition amidst Demographic and Social Change:
Pretoria Case Studies
The proposed research project will explore how religious innovation and competition
intersect with urban change and urban vulnerability, and whether processes of
religious innovation and competition contribute to the healing or the fracturing of
urban communities. Through case studies from two regions within the city that have
experienced different dynamics over the past twenty years, we would like to explore
these questions, hopefully opening doors for new understandings, new languages and
a new consciousness in these two communities. We will focus on the sprawling
informal settlements of Mamelodi East and the inner city of Pretoria, engaging
researchers from different disciplines with religious and community leaders from both
regions. Through surveys, focus groups, a colloquium, and a collection of articles, we
will seek to generate knowledge in relation to the questions raised.
Principal Investigator: Stephen de Beer, Director, Centre for Contextual Ministry,
University of Pretoria, South Africa.
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01 June, 2017

Dissemination Conference

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