African Traditional Religious Beliefs and Pentecostalism

Innovation and Competition: Changing Religiosity from African Traditional Religious
Beliefs to Pentecostalism in Harare, Zimbabwe
There is no doubt about the reality of religious competition and conversion in Africa.
Pentecostalism has become one of the fastest growing trends of Christianity that has
created major competition with African traditional religions. This study concurs
with the idea that diversity and competition are often vehicles, if not drivers, of
creative change, and such innovation creates more competition. It is the thrust of this
study to analyze how contemporary Pentecostalism in Harare has been creating
innovations drawn from African Traditional Religion as experienced through ‘rituals,
symbols and practices that are usually forms of communication with the divine as
well as through more contemplative practices that enhance one’s awareness of the
presence of God’ (Mwaura 2008:2).
Principal Investigator: Tapiwa Praise Mapuranga, Department of Religious Studies,
Classics and Philosophy, University of Zimbabwe, Harare.
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