Botho/Ubuntu and Community Building

Botho/Ubuntu and Community Building in the Urban Space: An Exploration of Naomi,
Laban, Baby and Bridal Showers in Gaborone

The Botho/Ubuntu ethic and spirituality build community by seeking to empower all
members of the community to live dignified lives. The Botho/Ubuntu ethic thus urges
individuals to define their identity by caring, welcoming, affirming and respecting the Other.
This study seeks to explore how Naomi, Laban, bridal and baby showers may reflect African
spirituality nurtured by values of Botho/Ubuntu in the urban space. Partly named and inspired
by biblical characters (Naomi and Laban), but also driven by Botho/Ubuntu ethic, they
exemplify vibrant enculturated African Christian theology.

Principal Investigator: Musa. W. Dube, Theology and Religious Studies Department,
University of Botswana, Gaborone

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